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27 cloth handkerchiefs dancing inside an infinite number of wooden drawersis a playful study on emotional and ordinary spaces, developed during the covid-19 quarantine. Starting from the elaboration of a childhood memory, a new form of meaning is sought. The project develops on the obsessiveness of creating an emotional space.

Random of thoughts;


The game of seek and find. Grandma's drawers. I wandered, I searched, I opened and closed. I searched, opened and closed. Memory is mental work. Memory is searched. In every drawer, in every 4 wooden walls there was something. Money, clips, paper clips, prescriptions and pitchers of water in closets or behind the television; then the handkerchiefs inside the handkerchiefs. Small white shapes that hid and enclosed objects inside the wooden space of the drawer.  Over the years my grandmother found large white holes on her head. Large empty spaces. Large spaces that followed an unconscious logic. So seek and find. It had become a guessing game, who knows what object he hid inside those cloth handkerchiefs. Who knows what kind of space it has kept. Who knows what kind of object. Who knows what kind of meaning. Who knows what logic. Who knows what shape. Who knows what memory.

Search, search, search.


I never realized that my sofa had 27 slats. Also because usually people don't take into consideration the number of slats, exactly like when I didn't take those hair clips into consideration. 27 as the years I should do in 2020.


So I started looking, and looking inside those handkerchiefs, which were inside those drawers that guard a truth, a space, a dimension. I don't know what I found, I don't know if I found.

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